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How do I plan and Prepare?

Having a newborn is special. Your days are filled with sweet yawns, happy smiles and moments of awe. But, the time you have with your newborn is short. Before you know it, you will be wiping peanut butter from your curtains and chasing monsters out from under your toddler’s bed. So, how do you capture that special couple of weeks when life is just beginning? With a NEWBORN PHOTO SESSION, of course.

Baby needs to be between 6-14 days old during session. Otherwise it's considered "Infant Photography" which is different. 

I used to wonder how photographers got babies to sleep for newborn sessions. It all felt like a big mystery to me. The more I do it, the more I get that it’s actually kind of simple. It’s not always easy, but preparation is key. Every baby is different, but in general, I find that these are the most helpful tips that will make your newborn session a success.

How to Plan and What to Expect:

Plan for 6-10 days after baby arrives. I know, it feels fast, but here’s the thing: Your little one becomes more and more alert as days go by, so you really have a tiny window of time to get those dreamy posed newborn shots before they become too alert.

Select the time of day by seeing when the light is best. Usually this will be mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Remember that the session should be conducted on your newborn’s timetable, so try to keep their routines as much as possible. Avoid scheduling a photo session during the time your baby is usually alert. Instead, choose a time when your baby will likely be well-fed and sleepy.

The studio will be really warm. Your baby is used to being in the womb… 98.6 degrees. Little one is already adjusting to new norms, so I’ll make it as comfy as possible for those sweet posed pictures. If its summer time and we can do them outside under even lighting, we definitely will. Otherwise… 80-85 degrees is ideal.

How to prepare:

Light Clothing

Prior to the session, be sure your baby is dressed in clothing that is easy to remove and will not wake them upon removal. Better yet, have only a loose fitting diaper on and wrap them in a blanket. This way, the baby can be minimally disturbed when preparing them for the camera.


You will need to have handy any necessities to care for your baby during the session. This could be bottles and formula, soft blankets and pacifiers. Diapers and warm wipes are good to have too. Cold wipes can startle babies. Please make sure to bring a pacifier if your baby will take one. This helps immensely.


Along with all the things you need for your baby, make sure you remember to relax at the same time. Babies can pick up on tension so being calm is a great way to keep your baby relaxed too!


Wait to feed baby. You will do a full feeding before you get there, and be finishing up as I’m ready to get started (I’ll usually take about 15 minutes to set up). We have a 2 hour window before they usually want to eat again, so being efficient in managing that time is key! Although we can always stop to feed if necessary, many babies won’t need to if they’re nice and full when we start.

Above all else, I want you to go into the session knowing that I am flexible. Those first couple of weeks with a baby is a very tender time, emotionally and physically. I’ll be as efficient as possible to respect your timeframe, but know that we’ll go at your pace to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

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How much does it cost?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Complimentary Consultation? How Do I Book My Session Choose Which Product Collection How Much Should I Plan On Spending What Happens After the Session Do You Offer Discounts? Can I Just Buy All the Digitals? Can I Just Buy Ala Carte? How Much Does it Cost?

Complimentary Consultation?

We offer complimentary consultations to all of our clients.

How Do I Book My Session

Once you have completed your In-Person Consultation or decided that you're going to go with Harmony Photography, I will email the session contract, a questionnaire and an invoice for the booking retainer forms to you via email. Your session is not considered reserved/booked until all documents are signed and the retainer is paid.

Choose Which Product Collection

You don’t have to choose your products until after you see the final edited images. This way you aren’t committing to purchase something sight unseen.

How Much Should I Plan On Spending

Most Harmony Photography clients invest between $350-$1,200 in products from their session, however, please note that no minimum product order is required. A retainer in the amount of your session fee is required to hold your date and is due upon booking. 

What Happens After the Session

After your session, it typically takes 1-2 weeks, to have all of your photographs completed. I hand edit all of your images individually. Because I do not outsource, I am able to can maintain both quality and style of the photographs you receive. After this, I offer an in-person viewing/ordering sessions. This is when you decide which products you would like.

Do You Offer Discounts?

I offer 10% discounts to military families

Can I Just Buy All the Digitals?

I do offer digital packages. You can also purchase the full digital gallery via Ala carte.

Can I Just Buy Ala Carte?

Yes, you will be able to order from the Ala Carte menu.

How Much Does it Cost?

Harmony Photography Session Fee- $145/Hour (1 hour minimum)
Covers The Time And Talent Of The Photographer During The Session
Minor Editing And Retouching On Your Gallery Of images
(20) Images To View Per Hour Of Photography
Custom In-Person Ordering Appointment
*Products And Digital Files Are NOT Included.