How do I prepare?

Yay! You’re about to be photographed, and that’s exciting. It can also be anxiety inducing, so here are some general rules and ideas regarding how to prepare and what to wear to your photo session.

How to prepare:

Relax! Know that you won’t have to worry about posing yourself as Angie will guide you in this process. Take a deep breath, get a manicure (cute nails for pictures are a good idea anyway), and remember why you’re taking these photos: lifelong memories that will be around for generations!

Get dolled up! Don’t be afraid to wear a good amount of makeup. It will translate well in the photographs! However, do make sure face makeup matches neck color, do not wear a heavily smoky eye, and do put on an amount that feels comfortable, natural, and “you.” Get your hair done or do it yourself – as long as you feel comfy, beautiful, and confident, you will look great.

Practice smiling! Look in the mirror and test out several smiles. You’ll remember how you feel when that perfect, natural smile shows up, and it’ll show up in the photos as well.

Clothing Choices

If you’re self-conscious, just know that black/dark colors are slimming & white/light colors are enlarging.

Try to avoid clothing with lettering, logos, or distracting patterns. You don’t want anything to distract from your beautiful face! Solid colors are best.

If you do wear a pattern, mix it with solid color too! Floral dress? Solid belt. Striped shirt? Solid blazer. Plaid shirt? Jeans. You get the point.

Avoid tank tops and shorts. Too much skin isn’t the most flattering!

Families & large groups: no need to match in all white & khaki! Coordinate your colors, but you don’t have to match exactly. For example: jeans with earth toned shirts (red, green, mustard yellow, brown), neutral colors (grey, white, black), or complimentary colors. Complimentary colors are as follows: Cyan & Red, Yellow & Blue, and Magenta & Green.

Avoid neon-colors, they don’t photograph as well.

If you wear glasses, be prepared to tilt them down to reduce glare.

If you’re changing outfits, we suggest one casual & a dressier outfit.

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How much does it cost?
*Prices Subject to Change*

Frequently Asked Questions

Complimentary Consultation? How Do I Book My Session Choose Which Product Collection How Much Should I Plan On Spending What Happens After the Session Do You Offer Discounts? Can I Just Buy All the Digitals? Can I Just Buy Ala Carte? How Much Does it Cost?

Complimentary Consultation?

We offer a complimentary consultation with every portrait session upon request.

How Do I Book My Session

Once you have completed your In-Person Consultation or decided that you're going to go with Harmony Photography, I will email the session contract, a questionnaire and an invoice for the booking retainer forms to you via email. Your session is not considered reserved/booked until all documents are signed and the retainer is paid.

Choose Which Product Collection

You don’t have to choose your products until after you see the final edited images. This way you aren’t committing to purchase something sight unseen.

How Much Should I Plan On Spending

Most Harmony Photography clients invest between $350-$1,200 in products from their session, however, please note that no minimum product order is required. A retainer in the amount of your session fee is required to hold your date and is due upon booking. 

What Happens After the Session

After your session, it typically takes 1-2 weeks, to have all of your photographs completed. I hand edit all of your images individually. Because I do not outsource, I am able to can maintain both quality and style of the photographs you receive. After this, I offer an in-person viewing/ordering sessions. This is when you decide which products you would like.

Do You Offer Discounts?

I offer 10% discounts to military families

Can I Just Buy All the Digitals?

I do offer digital packages. You can also purchase the full digital gallery via Ala carte.

Can I Just Buy Ala Carte?

Yes, you are able to order from the Ala Carte menu.

How Much Does it Cost?

Harmony Photography Session Fee- $145/Hour (1 hour minimum)
Covers The Time And Talent Of The Photographer During The Session
Minor Editing And Retouching On Your Gallery Of images
(20) Images To View Per Hour Of Photography
Custom In-Person Ordering Appointment
*Products And Digital Files Are NOT Included.