High School Seniors

What to Expect

High school seniors are always fun (and interesting) to work with. My goal with each session is to capture who they are at this moment in time. That's why we get them done, right? To document who they are at this launching point? I can either do a consultation (always complimentary), or a planning session (also included lol), or we can jump right in and book a session. As far as how you should prepare I have a few tips - bring a few outfits, make sure they feel like "you" and if you have any hobbies or activities, feel free to bring their accessories (ie:  a football, an instrument, an xbox controller). For clothing, I usually recommend something a little dressy, something casual and something that feels like "them.

Senior sessions are either $175 (plus tax) for 20 minute session with one digital image for yearbook and rights to printing, or $325 for a 30 minute session with 5 digital images with rights to printing. Other products and upgrades available!