It takes a LOT to commit your heart to someone else for a lifetime; you’re in for a ride! Wedding planning can be a whirlwind of decisions… fun decisions, but still decisions! First of all, enjoy it! Even more daunting can be finding the vendors that understand what your vision is and know how to implement it flawlessly. 

Weddings are a big investment in heart, mind and wallet. I believe the most important investment you can make on your wedding day, besides the one in each other, is in the photographs. Photos are what remain after the champagne is drunk, the cake is eaten, the bouquet is tossed, tears are shed, and laughter has rung.

Your wedding photography is the only thing you can’t experience before the big day. You can taste the cake, you can try on the dress, you can choose what gems get sewn to your veil…but the visual story of you wedding day is completely entrusted to the talent and experience of your photographer. I hold this trust sacred. As a professional photographer and graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, I have trained with some of the leading photographers in the industry and I am confident that if you work with me you will love your images. My packages start at $1000 and I also have a "Build your own" experience where you hire me hourly and buy products separately. So I am able to work within any budget.

The next step is for us to meet face to face to see if we click. (Ha-ha insert camera joke here.)